Sizes & Self Love

One of the biggest things that I struggle with when buying clothes and patterns is sizes. That dumb little number or letter that lets me know whether I’ve been slacking off or if I’ve been staying on track always affects my day.

The best thing about making your own clothes is that you can make them fit your body, but it can be hard to accept the way we look when we are constantly bombarded by society’s expectations of what we’re supposed to be.

Everyone is different. All bodies are different. We all have lumps and bumps and areas that are fit, and areas that are fat, and scars and pimples and moles and everything that comes with being human.

But if you’re like me, and you’re not there yet- while you can rationalize that you should love yourself because you’re awesome and beautiful, you just can’t grasp the feeling- that’s okay, too. You’ll get there.

I found these (free- yay!) short guided meditations that focus on self compassion and self kindness, and they’re been helping me out.

Maybe they’ll help you too 🙂




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